Discerning connoisseurs

Our goal is to develop and supply white cheeses with the taste, consistency and quality that discerning connoisseurs will enjoy and approve of. In other words, it is our loyal customers and consumers who have inspired us to make such excellent white cheeses.

A tasty mission

In addition to selling the white cheeses, we also aim to spread information about white cheeses and the many ways in which they can be used. A white cheese can do so much more than liven up a salad. Depending on the type of cheese, white cheese can be baked, mixed, fried and used in many wonderful dishes, inspired by the countries around the Mediterranean, the Balkan countries and the Middle East all year round.

Independent and willing to adapt

We are an independent, privately owned dairy food company. Thus we are able to react quickly and can offer smaller, targeted productions which are a great advantage for our customers. And even though we have grown over the years, parts of our production are still done by hand. This gives us more options and helps us maintain some of the soul of the original craft of cheese making.

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