Serves: 4
Preparation time: approx. 30 min. + time for boiling

Beetroot salad with quick-marinated red cabbage & snack cheese

• 1 kg beetroot
• 3–4 tbsp olive oil
• 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
• ½ tsp salt

Quick-marinated red cabbage:
• ½ head of red cabbage, approx. 500 g
• 4 tbsp apple cider vinegar
• 2 tbsp liquid honey
• ½ tsp fine salt
• 1/4 tsp ground fennel

• 1 pomegranate
• 200 g Taverna salad & snack cheese
• 50 g toasted pumpkin seeds

Toast the pumpkin seeds for a few minutes in a pan on medium heat until they start to smell nutty, then put them aside. Slice the red cabbage as thinly as possible – use a mandoline, ideally. Add the apple cider vinegar, honey, ground fennel and salt, and mix thoroughly. Put the red cabbage aside. Rinse the beetroots and boil them in plenty of water for 35–40 minutes, until they have just softened. Pour cold water over them and leave them to cool before rubbing the skins off them. Slice them thinly and toss them in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, lay them out in a dish and sprinkle them with a touch of salt. Press the red cabbage to remove any excess moisture and spread it over the beetroots. Gently toss the resulting salad. Crumble the cheese on top, along with the pomegranate and pumpkin seeds.  Serve the salad at room temperature.
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