Serves: 4
Preparation time: approx. 15 min.

Tomato salad:


an iceberg lettuce
40 g spiced, sun-dried tomatoes
30 g Mizuna lettuce
10 plum tomatoes
3 spring onions
200 g Taverna Gybna Baida cheese
12 large green olives

Tomato pesto:
60 g skinned chopped tomatoes
10 g spiced, sun-dried tomatoes
1 tsp. concentrated tomato paste 
1 clove of garlic
8 stalks of sweet basil
a red capsicum
100 ml olive oil
Salt and pepper

Tomato pesto:
Mix the different varieties of tomatoes with the capsicum, garlic and fresh sweet basil. Add olive oil a little at a time and season with salt and pepper.
Tomato salad:
Break the iceberg lettuce into smaller pieces and arrange them on a plate together with slices of spiced, sun-dried tomatoes. Cut them plum tomatoes into thick slices and put them on the salad together with slices of Gybna Baida cheese and spring onions. top the salad with green olives, tomato pesto and small leaves of mizuna lettuce.
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