The pulse of history

Our Managing Director Keld Pedersen founded NORDEX FOOD in 1984. During the same year, he also bought NÝrager Dairy which at that time produced Lurpak butter and yellow cheese. Production of white cheese was begun and the enthusiasm for white cheese grew and soon became a focus area for the company, which continued to become stronger in the years that followed.

Today our white world extends from the Middle East to Europe and the United States. Historically speaking, the very first white cheese is known from the Babylonian Empire and was first mentioned in Homerís Iliad. Today we treat and transform cow and goatís milk into many different types of white cheese.

From one white cheese to many

Once white cheese was mainly known as feta, after the Greek cheese of the same name, but today feta is just one of many cheeses from the same family of white cheese. We call our version of the cheese salad cheese and use the term white cheese for this category of cheeses.

But white cheese is not just one type of white cheese. Each cheese has its own unique taste and texture, depending on the region which inspired the receipt and the method of production.

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